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Online Tetris

Thank you for using our online Tetris game, we take great proud on running this old but so addicted game that took millions around the globe.
I bet everyone knows the rules of the game, so I do not have to explain here how to play Tetris, but there are few things you should be aware of.

Rotating the Shapes
You can rotate the shapes by two different ways:

a. Space bar : one click on the space bar will rotate the shape, another click will keep rotating it.
b. Arrows : hold tow arrows (down and left) to rotate the shape to that specific direction.
Please share with me your feedback by sending me an email here Contact me link. Speed up the Game with the Down Arrow You can speed up the movement of the shapes down pressing and holding the Down arrow.

Note: Do not Use the Down Arrow when you get to the last two rows of the game. Using the down arrow when you get to the last two rows will cause the shapes to move down through the other shapes.